V dokumente nižšie nájdete sumár výsledkov a zistení VII. cyklu Európskeho dialógu a mládežou, ktorý sa konal naprieč členskými štátmi EÚ.


The documents outlines the findings from the National and European working group activities

as part of the 7th Cycle of EU Youth Dialogue held under the Romanian – Finnish – Croatian

Presidencies of the EU.

It is based on the activities of the National and European Working Groups relating to the

Presidency theme of ‘Creating opportunities for youth’.

  • Part I (p.8) provides the introduction to the context, background, and proceedings and

thematic background of the 7th Cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue 2019-2020,

  • Part II (p.11) outlines the methods used and numbers and participation rates of young

people involved.

  • Part III to V outlines the findings in relation to each of the three subthemes.

○ Quality employment for all (p 15.)

○ Quality youth work for all (p.32)

○ Creating opportunities for rural youth (p.50)

  • Part VI (p.73) Provides a summary of the findings. An easy to read graphical version

of this is also available.

  • Appendix 1 contains detail of the backgrounds of participants who took part, as

reported by working groups.

  • Appendix 2 contains analytical details of the survey sample.


Youth Dialogue: The 7th Cycle of EU Youth Dialogue:
Summary of Findings